The JetScript program is a graphical user interface (GUI) which will allow users to create shell scripts. JetScript enables users to create powerful interpreted scripts while requiring no knowledge of how to write such scripts. Instead of typing out the scripts themselves, users will make use of various program widgets. One example of a creatable script would be one that takes input from a file, manipulates the data, and outputs the results to a second file.

       JetScript is not intended as a script editor; scripts the user already has access to will not be able to be altered using JetScript. However, we have incorporated a separate file format to allow saving and loading script projects created in our program. So, the graphical representation of a script can be saved and loaded using our file format; our program is not intended to create graphical representations for existing scripts.

       JetScript will also not be able to run the scripts it creates; for example, if the user creates a shell script, the program will not be able to interpret the script. The function of the script will be clear to the user, since she created it, so there should be little need for incorporated interpreters.

This software can run on both Windows and Unix machines.

Program Requirements:
- Python 2.3.4 or most recent version
- Unix or Windows

Download latest version here. (Unzip and follow installation instructions in user manual)



This project was co-authored by Ethan Glasser-Camp & Jelani John.

We would also like to thank the following people for their help with this project:
- Theodore Walker (may he rest in peace)
- All things good and Caffine

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